Class Act: Booker T. dance major climbs Himalayan mountain to name it after boy fighting cancer

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DALLAS — Not many people have a chance to dance on top of the world, but Isabella Poscente has, and it’s what makes her our Class Act of the Week.

Isabella is a junior at Booker T. Washington, a part of the dance program there.

“Dance has always been a part of my life, a really big part,” Isabella said. “It’s just who I am.”

But last summer, she took some big steps outside of dance and up the side of the Himalayan Mountains; it was all for a great cause, started by her father: The Heroes Climb.

“We go to the Himalayan Mountains and people don’t know this, but there are thousands of mountains that have not been named before,” Isabella explained. “So what we do is we set a mountain and actually get to name it after an everyday hero.”

And this last year, Isabella took part in the trek, climbing to the peak of a mountain and naming it KilCullen Peak, after Gavin KilCullen, a young boy fighting leukemia.

Isabella will be heading back to that same mountain range this summer, to name a new peak after an everyday hero; you can nominate a hero of your own on Facebook by searching “Heroes Climb.”

As for Isabella, the trip was a life changing one that has given her a new outlook on everything.

“One thing that I definitely took back from this trip was that every step that you take, it matters so much, because take a step 50 degrees to the right, you might fall of the cliff,” she said. “So every step you have to think about where you’re placing your foot and I think I adapted that to my life now. Everything counts, so it kind of makes everything in my life more significant," she said.

Whether it’s dance or mountain climbing, she’s taken some very significant steps, for sure.

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