Simon Says: Got soap? I’m f***g tired of this kind of talk. Make this s**t stop!

Time to get out the soap!

Because the way things are going we’re all going to have to wash our mouths out.

Think about it: thanks to President Trump, we’ve seen or heard words in news stories we’re not used to.

C’mon,  I know you can figure it out.

Doesn’t it seem like the bar is so low now on what kind of language is acceptable? It’s like if it’s mentioned at a “bar” than it’s OK.

This shouldn’t shock you—kids are learning curse words earlier than they used to.

Yes, beep is the word!

We’re way past movies with titles like “Dinner for Schmucks” that will get your attention.  Nope, we’re in a place where it’s OK to be foul if you cover it up or use things like a ‘tic tac toe’ sign.

Remember the show on CBS: S#%T My Dad Says!

That C-Lo Green song with the ‘F’ word in the title!

And now Netflix has something called, “The end of the F****g World”

Let’s put and an end to this “thing” where it’s hip-and-cool to drop things like an f-bomb and cover it up with dots and dashes.  It would be OK if we spoke in Morse Code, but we don’t.

These dots and dashes are kind of ironic.

Think about it, people want attention by saying something they shouldn’t say, but they say it anyway, and it ends up OK because they cover things up.

One more time: people want attention these days by saying things they shouldn’t, but we accept it because there’s a cover-up.

I wonder if President Trump could relate?

Perhaps, but maybe he really doesn’t give a s**t!

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