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Twitter user pranks Plano ISD students with fake school cancellation

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PLANO- Admit it, we all thought we'd be waking up to a tundra this morning with everything cancelled.

But nope, it's just super cold.

One young Twitter user concocted a master plan to prank Plano ISD students when he tweeted that school would be cancelled.

He even changed his avatar to the school district's logo to make it convincing. That's dedication!

"If people started retweeting it, then it'll get everywhere," one Plano ISD student said.  "But if it wasn't all that funny, and was just somebody with not a lot of followers...then not too many people are going to see it."

He's right, the tweet has since been deleted, and only picked up around 20 likes.

But the few people who saw the tweet weren't pleased when they realized it was just fake news.

Plano ISD didn't make an official comment on the prank, but they did say that parents and students should always look at the district's website and actual social media pages for updates.

Better luck next time, kids!

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