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UPDATE: Flu-related deaths rise to 31 in Dallas County

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DALLAS, TX -- It seems like everywhere you go, somebody's got the freakin' flu!

Now, the flu has spread to 49 states, and the only one left out of the loop is Hawaii, but let's be honest, they have enough drama on their hands with that whole missile scare.

The missile may have been a false alarm, but the flu epidemic is definitely not. Twenty children have died from the flu so far in the U.S., and a little closer to home there have been 31 flu related deaths in Dallas County.

Medical experts have even predicted this will be the worst flu season in recent history. However, like most sicknesses, the flu can be prevented if you're diligent.

"We need to take personal responsibility. Wash our hands with soap and water, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and get that flu vaccine so that we can protect ourselves and others," Dallas County Health and Human Services Medical Director, C.J. Perkins said.

Listen to the pros people, wash your paws and cover your cough! We don't want a situation where the flu comes knocking like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining."

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