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Plano mayor, a Haitian immigrant, responds to President Trump’s ‘s***hole countries’ comment

PLANO -- Among the many people angered by President Trump's expletive-filled rant about immigrants from Africa, El Salvador, and Haiti, add in Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere.

The mayor released a statement Saturday calling the President's comments offensive on a personal level.

If you remember, Trump is reported to have said, "Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?"

Mayor LaRosiliere's parents immigrated to the USA from Haiti when he was three years old, and he noted that his mother worked near Trump Tower for 30 years so he could become the man he is today.

His statement reads:

“The President’s comments are offensive on a personal level, when you consider my mother and my father came to the United States from Haiti when I was three years old. My mother worked for 30 years, a third of those years cleaning offices, not far from Trump Tower, so my sister and I could have an education and be the first college graduates of our family. And here I am, the mayor of a premier city in America. And someone like my mother is not ‘the worst of the worst.’ We need more people like her in America because that’s what makes our fabric as a great nation.”


According to the City of Plano, it just so happened the mayor's in New York this weekend visiting his mom with his own daughter.

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