Maryland hospital patient left out in cold

Shocking video out of Maryland is making the rounds on social media.

A woman was reportedly escorted out of the University of Maryland Midtown Hospital in Baltimore and left at a bus stop with nothing but a hospital gown and socks.

Temperatures were freezing that night.

Tania Wise was in the emergency room at the same time as the woman. She calls an interaction between her and a nurse disturbing.

"She was sitting, like, on the ground," Wise said. "Like, on the hospital floor, and they were telling her to get up. It was not what she was saying, it was how she was saying it, like very nasty. Talking to her you know, like, when you're fussing at your child. Like, 'Get up. Get off the floor like that. You ain't no child."

Wise says she could tell the woman was disoriented.

The woman's mother later told local news outlets that her daughter has a history of mental illness. A family friend also says she's schizophrenic and on the autism spectrum.

The hospital released a statement, calling the situation unfortunate.

It says there are many circumstances of the woman's case that it can't address publicly, but in the end it didn't fulfill its patient centered mission.