Day One: Zoe Hastings murder trial begins

DALLAS -- Thursday marked day one for the long-awaited murder trial for Zoe Hastings.

Back in 2015, the teen was stabbed to death near a creek in east Dallas.

In court, witnesses, lead detectives, and Hastings' own mother took the stand-- with the finger being pointed at the guy who was allegedly last seen with Hastings, Antonio Cochran.

Police say Cochran ran into Hastings at a Walgreens while she was returning a RedBox movie.

The confrontation ended when Cochran allegedly kidnapped Hastings and drove off with both of them in her vehicle.

Cochran's DNA was also found on the bloody knife left at the murder scene.

He was initially going to be facing the death penalty if found guilty, but it turns out, he's now looking at a life sentence because of "intellectual disability."

The trial is set to resume Friday morning.