Simon Says: Grab the TUMS! Why I Can’t Stomach Another Celebrity President

I want to be honest with you—

Not too long ago, I had a man-crush on Donald Trump.

I read his books.  I bought his ties.  I watched “The Apprentice.”

Sure, I wasn’t a fan of the hair, but I’ve always appreciated people who manage to stand out and self-promote.

But then, something happened—instead of talking about dealing with labor unions at his construction sites,  Trump focused on where President Obama’s mom went into labor.

And here we are today.

And when I take politics out of it, my gut reaction when I hear or see Donald Trump isn’t a can of ‘crush’ anymore. Nope, I need Pepto!

Which leads me to Oprah.

Forget a crush, it was love at first sight with her.

Back in the 80’s (yes, the 80’s), I was in the audience as she hosted a local morning show in Chicago.  I knew she was special.

And here we are today.

I’ve always said she’s one of three people I’d love to have dinner with.  Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Spielberg are also at the table.

Listen to me Oprah: I don’t want ‘Tums’ after that dinner, but let the indigestion begin if you really do run for President.

Try and go there and then I’ll need Tums because my heart will be burned and broken.

It will never be the same.

You literally have your OWN network; I don’t need every other network talking about you 24/7.

Go through the grinder of a political campaign, and I’m scared we’ll see things and get a side you the country could never recover from.

All of us go through life searching for that sweet spot. You know, right between “achievement” and “purpose.”  Only a few people ever find that place, and if you’re lucky enough to get there, sometimes it’s best to stay put and do your thing from there.

Because you can screw-up a good thing and make something sweet really sour.

And that can be hard to stomach.