Before you panic: Here’s what a flu ‘pandemic’ REALLY means

DALLAS -- You can say the flu season is getting really scary, really fast around here. There's already been a reported twenty three flu-related deaths in Dallas county alone with 12 in the last five days!

A word we're beginning to hear more of is"pandemic."

But, what exactly does "pandemic" mean and will this flu season reach pandemic levels?

Before you panic: Let's break down the difference between a pandemic, endemic and epidemic!

A pandemic is the world wide spread of a new infectious disease such as the "swine flu pandemic." Back in 2009 it took out over 14,000 people world wide.

During an epidemic, a disease will spread among a large number of people in two weeks or less. A good example of that is the 2013 Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

When you hear endemic, think chicken-pox because this particular outbreak occurs at a predictable rate but never really disappears.