Hey Dallas parking lot posers, the community is watching you!

DALLAS--  You better watch out, parking lot posers. The community is coming for ya.

Recently, we told you about people, particularly in Deep Ellum claiming to be parking employees, and asking for money. But, the gig is up, if you read the signs you know that for most parking lots you`re never supposed to pay an attendant. Period.

Now that you`re up to speed on that, watch this video of two men who are trying to raise awareness.

(Courtesy: Jason Murdock and Cody Dean Huffine)

We weren`t able to find the man in the video, "Ron Shorty." However, we contacted Platinum Parking, and they tell us he`s not any kind of employee of theirs! And, tell us that no one would ever take cash at that location anyway. You're supposed to pay the machine.

So, the people asking for cash? Yeah, that`s a crime, it's theft by deception.

Dallas Police say they have plain clothes officers who watch out for them, and have arrested quite a few.

So to those pretending to watch out cars, we're watching you.