H&M apologizes for black child model for ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie

Another day, another distasteful decision by a company. The most recent culprit: H&M.

They’re receiving quite the backlash for not only this sweatshirt ad…

But also for who they have wearing it. The sweatshirt being worn by a black boy reads ‘Coolest monkey in a jungle.’

H&M was forced to apologize Monday, January 8, 2017 for using a black child to model a sweatshirt with a “coolest monkey in the jungle” slogan.

Yep. It’s 2018 and stuff like this is still happening. Naturally, the internet went all the way in on the company.

But, unlike what we’ve seen in the past, the image at fault was also used as a clapback, like this picture of the sweatshirt with the word ‘Shame’ using H&M’s signature font and, probably most inspiring, ‘KING OF THE WORLD’ added above the kid’s head.

H&M has responded, stating, “The image has been removed from all online channels and the product will not be for sale in the United States.” However, the company continues to sell the shirt online, according to CNN.

Here’s hoping these types of racially-charged fashion faux pas will go out style once and for all.