Flu season in North Texas so bad this year, for many, vaccine isn’t cutting it

DALLAS-- It’s no secret, the flu season is bad this year.

Texas caught the bug worse than other states. Nearly 5,000 people in Dallas County alone have it and almost 2,000 went to the hospital because of it.

Monday, Methodist Dallas Medical Center was only taking emergency cases, sending away ambulances with cases than weren't urgent.

Speaking of urgent, UrgentCare2Go is busier than ever.

Dr. Nilesh Nangrani says, “I`m seeing patients back to back.”

You don`t even have to leave the couch to see Dr. Nangrani. That`s done over video chat while a medial assistant comes right to your door step. He says, “We are seeing a ton of flu.”

You know that flu shot you got? Well, it might be a false sense of security.

“I did get a flu shot as well, and I did end up getting the flu. And, we are seeing a lot of other patients that did get the flu shot and did end up getting the flu.” It`s always a guessing game with flu vaccines. And well, the experts... “Guess they didn`t get it right.” Says Dr. Nangrani.

A vaccine that's not very effective is teaming with chilly weather and making more people sick. Experts say you should still get your flu shot, however. It`s helping some kick the bug faster, and the symptoms might not be quite as bad as they could be.