DFW Bills fans rally around their leader’s fight with cancer

DALLAS — Right about now Cowboys fans are still upset that their 22 year streak without a Super Bowl win will continue for at least one more season. But check this: Sunday, Buffalo Bills fans finally got to experience their first playoff game in 18 years, snapping the longest drought in the NFL.

Here locally the DFW Bills Backers packed into the Hideaway Bar to witness history.

“I have never seen as many people in here as we’ve got today,” Rafael Rodriguez said before the game. “We are ready!”

These fans know all about fighting and enduring. 18 years without a playoff game, no Super Bowl title ever (thanks mostly to the Dallas Cowboys).

And fight and endurance is what Ezra Castro, a.k.a Pancho Billa, is all about. The president of the DFW Bills Backers is one of the most famous Bills fans in the country, and in the middle of his team’s improbable playoff run he found out he was fighting for his life against cancer.

“It breaks my heart that somebody that is that good as a human being has to suffer,” said Cline Taplan, one of the other leaders of the DFW Bills Backers. “But Pancho’s a strong guy, Pancho will get through this, it will not be a problem for him. He’s an amazing human being.”

Well, the Bills did what they often do: let their fans down. They fell to the Jaguars 10-3, ending their playoff run.

But you better believe these Buffalo die-hards will always stand by their Bills, and they’ll always stand with each other, no matter how tough the battle.

“[Ezra Castro] is our leader, he’s our guy and we’re all going to stick by him throughout this,” Taplan said. “And hopefully everybody’s praying for him.”

If you want to join Pancho Billa in his fight against cancer, check out his Go Fund Me page and donate!