NDSU gets a six pack, wins another FCS national title in Frisco

FRISCO — The last six FCS national champions met in Frisco Saturday afternoon, and yes, that’s just between two teams.

North Dakota State held the advantage of a five-peat from 2011-2015, but hey, James Madison was the defending champ trying to keep their crown.

As far as fans go, it was Bison by a Fargo mile.

“Where is James Madison? I haven’t seen any of them,” one NDSU fan shouted into a sea of green and gold.

The Dukes that were there brought the heavy artillery, though.

“I had to bring a little armor with me,” Fort Worth resident and JMU grad Mitchell Bell said, standing in front of his 1959 Ferret Scout Car. “This is what we go hunting buffalo with right here.”

No matter the big guns or the big horns, this one, as always, would be settled on the field. It was NDSU thundering to the lead. Well, it was more of a finessed thunder when a 50-yard touchdown pass made it 14-3 Bison.

The real key was turnovers, and not the Arby’s kind!

The Bison scored 10 points off a pair of James Madison mistakes, and they made it stick. They stopped the Dukes in the red zone with less than a minute left clinching a 17-13 win and a six-pack of championships in just seven years.

“We won a sixth national championship in seven years,” NDSU Head Coach Chris Klieman said. “Nobody’s ever done that before.”

Yup, a first for anyone.

They had the crowd, they had the team, and they had the setting, but what made the difference for this group of Bison?

“Our character and our perseverance,” Klieman said. “We’ve got a bunch of warriors and a bunch of winners in that locker room, and they wanted to leave a legacy today.”

They aren’t just a friend of the crown. They own the crown!

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