Highland Park wants bike share companies to clean up or pay up!

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DALLAS- You may have noticed, one, two...or a billion of the bike share rides laying around over the past few months.

Now, Highland Park town council is drawing their line in the sand.

Council just passed an ordinance saying that if the companies don't pick up their bikes overnight, it's going to cost them.

Y'all know Highland Park likes to stay clean!

"I really like the idea, but it needs to be massaged a little bit so it's not so messy," said one resident.

Town leaders say the companies will be charged per bike if they're impounded, and if they aren't picked up after about 2 weeks, they go to the auction block.

It sounds like residents aren't opposed to bike sharing, they just need these companies to get right.

"I think it's a great thing," one man said. "But it's a little bit too much for what we're ready for."

Moral of the story? If you're gonna come to Highland Park, come correct.


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