Too Soon? Slenderman movie trailer reels in angry critics

MILWAUKEE, WI-- The horror movie, Slenderman, set to hit theaters in May is drawing up some harsh criticism.

First off, Slenderman, the long-armed, blank-faced man, is a bit of a mystery. Especially when it comes to his origins which was either from a meme or some dark internet game!

One thing is for sure: the online character has inspired some real offline drama.

Case in point: the 2014 Wisconsin stabbing -- also known today as the "Slenderman Trial".

Two girls Anissa Wieir and Morgan Geyser stabbed their classmate 19 times. Thankfully, their classmate survived the attack but both Geyser and Wieir claimed they did it 'cause Slenderman told them to!

Last month, a court ruled Weier will spend the next 25 years under the supervision of mental health officials. Geyser will go to court in February after further mental evaluations.

So is the production of this horror film a little too soon?!

Well, Weier's dad thinks so. He reportedly says Sony Pictures is trying to exploit the families involved and popularize a real life tragedy.

Although, there's no word if the flick will feature details of their case, we hope it doesn't inspire other "Slenderman Trials".