Sessions plans to change marijuana policies, but what does that mean for weed in TX

DALLAS- Recreational marijuana just became legal in California earlier this week, and it already looks like things might be going up in smoke.

"It's going to hurt a lot of people if it does slow down, there are just too many people benefiting financially and with their health," said Steve Williams, a marijuana advocate for DFW NORML.

But it's looking like US Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not agree.

Today Sessions said he'd be ditching policies from the Obama administration that set up some basic rules for marijuana use in legalized states. He says things will now be left up to federal prosecutors.

"I don't think it's going to slow down anything at all," Williams said. "It's probably going to make people a little bit more cautious and it's going to cause some fights, but I think this is sort of the last fight that the prohibitionists may be putting up."

So what does that mean for Texas?

Marijuana advocates say the push for legalization is still gaining momentum in the Lone Star state, and this could come down to a good ole fashioned battle over state's rights.

"Strong as we are on state's rights here in Texas," Williams said. "They see this as a state's rights issue, and they are on the right track and they know it, so i think it could cause a lot of conflict and it already has."

Seems like we've all just got to ask ourselves...what would Snoop Dogg do?