Facts or Fluff? New book about the Trump Administration is selling out in stores

DALLAS- Bookstores across the world are feeling the love now that Michael Wolff's "tell all" book about Donald Trump just dropped.

"It's the hot, scandalous political drama of the day," said one woman who plans to by the book.

"Fire and Fury"  went on sale in Washington, D.C. early Friday morning.

But, it looks like most stores around the DFW won't be getting "Fire and Fury" in big numbers until next week.

We haven't seen this much excitement for reading since the good ole days of Harry Potter!

Wolff has been reporting for decades, and said he finessed his way into the White House to get the scoop.

One of the big allegations in the book is that Trump didn't even want to win the presidential election, but not everyone's buying  Wolff's story.

"I don't know how many facts are in it versus how much fluff," one man said.

Drama, drama, drama!

We're gonna need for Washington, D.C. to chill out!