‘Dating Sunday’ is the biggest online dating day of the year

Hey Singletons, are you keeping your dating profile fresh? This weekend marks "Dating Sunday," which happens to be the biggest online dating day of the year.

Match.com predicts a 42%  jump in new singles on their site alone.

There`s a lot that plays into the timing... it`s right after the holidays, so people may be newly single after ending that unwise relationship they kept for Christmas. It`s a new year when everyone makes new year`s resolutions, like maybe finding the right person. And, don`t look now, but Valentine`s Day is just over a month away.

Morning Dose. spoke with relationship expert Jennifer Styers about how to find love by crafting the best online dating profile.

You need some good pictures! At least five, and make sure they`re current and clear. That doesn't include bathroom selfies.

More is more when it comes to clothes, so guys keep the shirts on, and women don`t show too much skin.

It`s also important to actually interact and show interest with other people online.

"Especially for women. Women get online and try to date the way that men and women date offline, and that`s they sit back and wait for things to happen," Styers said. "And really, women in order to be successful online, they need to be online and they need to be emailing men and emailing men that they`re interested in, however small it may be, it may be commenting on someone`s dog, a hobby, or something like that, but women need to be online for at least 30 minutes every single day if they want to be successful online."

Jennifer also said that too many online daters get stuck in a cycle of online chatting. You need to take the jump and call the other person or meet up.