Class Act: Bryan Adams senior has lofty medical aspirations

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DALLAS — Helping, healing and humility: Lizbeth Ortiz defines all these things, and it makes her our Class Act of the Week.

Lizbeth is a senior at Bryan Adams High, and she has a real passion in the field of medicine.

“Ever since I was like 5 years old I’ve always wanted to take care of people and I think that’s what everyone wishes to be when they’re little,” said Ortiz. “As I kept expanding on the knowledge of medicine it just turned out to be a passion and I love science because its so much memorization and I want to be able to be that doctor that’s like ‘no I don’t even look it up, I know the disease or disorder that you have just by like the symptoms you tell me’.”

Yeah, Lizbeth is out to be a regular Dr. House, and the drive landed her an internship at Baylor Scott and White. She performed so well at the hospital that they want her to get her Pharmacy Tech Certification so she can work there part time.

And between school and the hospital, she’s all about putting in the work.

“The big challenge is time management because I have to handle school and working because I want to work 48 hours still,” she said.

She’s involved at school, too. A member of the softball team and the swim team. And you have to hear why she started swimming:

“What if one day there’s a flood,” Lizbeth said. “And I could save people because I swim!”

Yep, from the ER to the pool to the halls of her school, the first thought on Lizbeth’s mind is always helping others, and that’s gonna take her far.

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