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‘Raw water’ is an emerging ‘health’ trend you should probably stay away from if you don’t like dysentery

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There's an apparent trend emerging for 2018 that already has public health officials very perplexed and warning consumers that it might not be a good idea to jump onboard with this one.

The trend is called 'raw water.' There are some startups emerging selling water that is untreated, unfiltered and unsterilized.

This is dangerous, of course . Water is treated for a reason and drinking untreated water can expose people to bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer-causing chemicals.

Treating water has been saving lives for hundreds of years.

Public water utilities in the US started using chlorine to disinfect water in 1908, removing dangerous microbes and reducing deaths. Which the CDC called 'one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century'.

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