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Paper to poker: Playboy might be ending their magazine

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- The end of an era?

One of the most iconic and infamous magazines is thinking about ending their print publication! If you guessed Playboy, you'd be right.

Hugh Hefner has passed on and so might the mag.

After Hef died, the majority shareholder of Playboy Enterprises took over: a private equity firm called Rizvi Traverse.

In 2011, they agreed to let Hef publish the magazine for as long as he lived, but now that he's "out of the picture," let's just say it didn't take them very long to shake things up.

They want to shut down the magazine to focus on "The World of Playboy." You know, things like night clubs and casinos. Think of a Playboy mansion party, but on the Vegas Strip!

In a statement, Ben Kohn from Rizvi Traverse said, "I'm not sure that print is necessarily the best way to communicate to our consumer going forward."

So there is a chance the half-naked ladies will go from the paper, to in person, and what better place to do that then in sin city.

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