Everson Walls: Dallas Cowboys legend named NFL Hall of Fame finalist

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FRISCO, TX — Pro scouts said he was too slow to make it in the NFL, and now Everson Walls is a Hall of Fame finalist.

“I was always too stubborn to realize how untalented I was,” Walls said. “That’s the best way to put it.”

The former Dallas Cowboy went undrafted before the Boys picked him up as a free agent in 1981. He went on to lead the league in interceptions 3 times.

He ranks #2 in Cowboys history for most picks, and he's a champion, helping lead the Giants to their Super Bowl 25 victory.

Now he's a hall-of-famer in the community. A life long Dallas native, he now gives back to local students.

It’s called Ethos Education Group and we have been working in the Frisco area, working with the school district out here, and we try to talk to the kids about having good character,” Walls explained. “So basically, it’s a character mentoring program to where we try and change kids' ways of thinking.”

Well, this is his last year of eligibility to make the Hall, and the first time he's been a finalist. He'll find out February 3, the day before the Super Bowl, if the wait pays off.

“It’s gonna be torture, man; I don’t like that process,” the former Cowboys defensive back said. “But that’s what we look forward to on Saturday night is being in hotel rooms with our families and if you get the knock, then I guess you’re in.”

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