Shake Rag Music collectible music store set to close it’s doors

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DALLAS- Remember all that stuff your mom got rid of? Well, John Gasperik's got it. All of it.

"Jaws drop open and they're pretty amazed," Gasperik said. "The further back they go the more amazed they get."

For decades, Gasperik has been collecting everything from rock, roll and anything in between to fill up his store Shake Rag Music.

Need artwork? It's there! Need some new digs? Gasperik's got it!

But, with no one to help other than his cat, Justice, Gasperik says it's about time for his little store on Live Oak Street to play it's final set.

"It's a one man operation, always has been," he said. "I'm not getting any younger, and you can't take it with you, as they say."

Even though Gasperik's aiming to close his store around this time next year, he's got no plans to stop hunting for his rare collectibles.

"It's the thrill of the hunt as they say," he said. "I always like going out and treasure hunting, it's a rush."

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