New years resolution diet already faltering? Intuitive eating could help

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Just two days into the new year, thousands of people across the country are starting or have started dieting for their new year's resolution. However in the long-term, dieting doesn't typically work.

There is an alternative - science shows us that "intuitive eating" can be a better approach with healthier outcomes.

Intuitive eating involves throwing away all that diet-friendly gab in favor of the messages your body sends you every single day. Messages like honoring your hunger, respecting your fullness, as well as challenging the "food police."

By dieting, you're setting yourself up for body dissatisfaction, shame, short-term weight loss, and long-term weight gain. You might shave off a few pounds by cutting out sugar for the month.

But fast-forward a year or two and you're statistically destined to gain the weight back and feel worse. According to research intuitive eaters still feel, and are. healthier after that time frame.

By intuitively eating, you're actually working to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and you`re setting yourself up for feeling great about your body regardless of weight loss.

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