A fake proposal, $20k, and boobs. Welcome to 2018!

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NEW ORLEANS, LA -- New years Eve was filled with confetti, fireworks, and love.

For Marissa and Dustin, it was a lot more than that when they got engaged live on CNN! Or so we thought. What the cameras didn't show was what happened after! Pay close attention at 1:19 in the video.

You heard right. She said she loves B-O-O-B-S! Which seems like a random thing to yell after you just got engaged right? Not for this couple, who's already married!

Turns out, the proposal was all a ruse to get on live TV, specifically to get on live TV with Brooke Baldwin.

Here's why: back in September, radio host Clay Travis was doing an interview with Brooke Baldwin on CNN when he said, "I believe in only two things completely, the first amendment and boobs. I believe completely in the first amendment and in boobs. Those are the only two things I believe 100% in in this country."

Well, Brooke didn't like that very much and cut the interview short, "I'm done, this is done, this conversation is over, yanking mics, bye."

Come New Years Eve, when the same female host and Don Lemon were live in New Orleans, Clay tweeted this challenge:

Then doubled it if a woman said it!

Clay tweeted saying the couple won the $20k, and the rest is history.

Talk about a crazy way to enter 2018!

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