Tacos 4 Life helps you feed starving children one tortilla at a time!

We all know that tacos are life, but now you can buy tacos for life.

"When you come in and purchase a taco at 'Tacos 4 Life,' 22 cents goes to a non-profit called Feed My Starving Children and they feed a child, so it's kind of a meal for meal," said Ashton Samuelson, the co-founder of Tacos 4 Life.

A great reason to binge some tacos!

Ashton and her husband, Austin, started up Tacos 4 Life 7 years ago when they learned just how many children where dying of starvation each day.

"We heard that, at that time, 18,000 kids died everyday from starvation and malnutrition around the world, and that statistic wrecked us," Austin said. "It was 18,000 kids that died everyday from starvation, which is still totally unacceptable, but now that number is down to 6,200."

Now this franchise has made it's way to Frisco, and the Samuelsons are making sure everyone has the chance to do their part.

"Some of these kids that get this food, that's the only meal they get all day," Austin said. "You building that taco, you're changing lives."

Sounds like eating more tacos could be a pretty good New Year's Resolution.

Everybody eats!