Virginia mom’s cheek bitten off during violent attack that left her hospitalized for two weeks

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NORFOLK, VIRGINIA  -- A mother of five said she is glad to be alive after she had a section of her cheek bit off during an attack, according to WTKR.

The 34-year-old suspect, Artae Bellamy remains locked up inside the Norfolk Jail accused malicious wounding.

Court documents reveal the details of the attack which unfolded inside of an apartment off of East Princess Anne Road in Norfolk on November 19.

Bellamy is accused of beating the victim in the head repeatedly with a wooden leg of a nightstand and biting her in the face removing a portion of her cheek.

She gave us pictures of her injuries but did not want her identity to be exposed.

A neighbor who also didn’t want her name used said she called 911 twice that day after she heard banging and other noises coming from the apartment.

“He was yelling and screaming and came downstairs with no clothes on,” she said, “They got quiet for an hour and then he busted the window out of the back, that's when I called again.”

Police said they arrived at 12:45 p.m. and found the victim with cuts on her body and face.

Court documents state Bellamy was found hanging out of a bedroom window saying, “I beat her to an inch of her life” and “she poisoned me”.

News 3 talked to the victim over the phone. She denied poisoning the suspect and said she stayed in the hospital for two weeks and will need a skin graft and more surgery to close the hole in her face.

She said she kept going in and out of consciousness that day, lying on the ground for hours and banging on the floor to try and get help.

She said she used to be friends with the suspect.

The victim said she is angry about what happened to her but glad to have survived.

Bellamy is being held without bond and is expected back in front of a judge on March 30.