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Retired Navy Seal donates liver to stranger

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Jeff Bramsted has a lot to say about Melinda and James Ray

"She's one of these kind of people who it's really hard to keep her down anyway." says Jeff. "She's always fun and funny, and her husband James, he and I are always cutting up and making fun of each other and sending each other goofy videos."

Jeff says it feels like they've known each other their entire lives. "When I met her, she ran across the room, she jumped from five feet away, I had to catch her, and she stuck to me for awhile, didn't let go."

The thing is, that was only three weeks ago, and Melinda was excited to meet Jeff for a very serious reason.

You see, Melinda had been fighting a major illness. A cyst had taken over her liver. It weighed ten pounds and was pushing on her lungs, heart, stomach, and kidneys, slowly killing her.

Unable to qualify for a transplant, they made a desperate plea on social media and that's where Jeff comes in, who knew Melinda's sister.

James, Melinda's husband says ''Michelle, Melinda's sister who knew him [Jeff], said, `Hey if Jeff says he's gonna do something, he's gonna do it.'"

So three weeks ago, Jeff and Melinda went into surgery as strangers - but woke as inseparable friends.

But Jeff and Melinda share much more than an organ.

Jeff says "I view her as my little sister now. I never had a little sister before; now I do." And the feeling is mutual. "We've gained a brother.", James says.

But was it hard for Jeff to donate an organ?

Not really, according to Jeff: "You can't ask somebody with my background, `Is that the hardest thing you've ever done?`'"

Because Jeff is not only a skydiving instructor and a stuntman, he's a retired navy seal. But he says, any donor can be a hero.

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