New Years Eve will be COLD, Texans are going to ‘grin and bear it’

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DALLAS-- It`s for sure jacket, maybe even hat and gloves kind of weather in Dallas already. But, more than the Time Square ball is dropping this New Years Eve.

20 degree weather is expected for the holiday.

Bryan Pham, a Texas native says, "You know, it`s Texas, so we are kinda not used to it."

You might be able to relate to Kenny Martin, like many he has outdoor plans that night. "I am not excited about the cold at all, because I would rather be in a swimming pool on New Years, instead of cooped up in a house." He's going to grin and bear it though. "Yeah, probably, I got a scarf, and a trusty sock monkey hat. So yeah, i`ll be good to go I think."

And then there are the other kind of people. People like Rosemary Hill who want even colder weather. "I do, I wish we had a lot of snow." She says.

Careful what you wish for, though.

A woman from Ohio hasn't given the cold weather much thought. "This is like, going outside running kind of weather."

Overall, Texans are taking the temperature changes like they always do, a good attitude! Hill says, "I think most people are excited about it, I hope they are."

And if you think about it, there is some good news to starting the year off with low temps! It probably won't get much colder, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!


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