Police warn about leaving empty Christmas boxes on curbs

DALLAS-- Now that the Christmas gifts has been wrapped, given, and opened, there`s a different Grinch to watch out for! Someone looking through your holiday trash, seriously!

You leave that empty box that your electronic goodies came in on the curb, and may not think much of it, but to the would-be criminal driving through your neighborhood?? Well that box makes you a target!

Really though, the criminals who were unsatisfied with their lump of coal as a Christmas present are now trying to snatch that flat screen you got from Santa this year.

So how do you prevent this?? Authorities say to lock all doors, lock all windows, set your alarm, secure gates, record all serial numbers, photograph all valuables, and report suspicious activity immediately. But, ideally to prevent the bad guys in the first place, don`t leave any clues for those thieves about what was left under your tree!

If ya do, that will probably be the fa-la-last time you make that mistake.