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Dallas neighborhood finds Nazi symbols spray painted on fence

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DALLAS-- In a Dallas neighborhood that's pretty diverse, there tends to be a lot of graffiti.

But c'mon. Swastikas spray painted on a wooden fence?

Well, that’s new for them.

"It just kind of took me by surprise,” said Tanner Henderson, who was heading down the alley on his way home from work when he saw it. He lives on Westburg Alley, near Ross Avenue. “It's always just been like obviously some kids spray painting something, this is obviously a little more aggressive."

Henderson snapped a picture of it, and posted it online. He says he just couldn’t let it go.

"It kind of takes me back, when I see something, I am not just going to brush it off," he said.

He is hoping someone will have an idea of who did it, and why.

"Something hateful in a neighborhood that's usually pretty peaceful," he said.

Henderson and the owners of the house believe it's just some kids messing around, not a targeted attack. A Christmas Grinch, maybe? Or someone hopping onto the hate bandwagon?

It could be like those who plastered the white supremacist banners and fliers across SMU's campus.

Regardless of who did it, Henderson wants it to be known that the hate isn't tolerated in their neighborhood.

“It's kind of the opposite direction of what the neighborhood has been doing.”

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