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Does This Family’s ‘Chillin’ with My Ho’s’ Christmas Card Go Too Far?

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“Chillin’ with my ho’s.” Okay, that’s not the phrase you’d expect on a family Christmas card. But that’s exactly what the Yoshida family was shelling out Christmas before last — a little ho, ho, ho!

Check out the photo 19-year-old Rachel Yoshida of Florida posted to Imgur.

Yep, that’s her dad sporting the “Chillin’ with My Ho’s” shirt. Rachel, her mom, and sister are the “ho’s.”

While a lot of folks are “loving it” and getting a good laugh, of course, others are outraged.

“As a new father, I can’t imagine a situation when I’d call her a ho,” one comment said. “I suppose that changes over time. Or these people are fu**ed up.”

“Old guy calling his daughters his ho’s. Yeah, it’s up there on the cringe meter,” another person wrote.

But as you know, haters gonna hate…

“All of our immediate friends understand our humor so they think it’s hilarious,” Rachel’s sister, Natalie, told BuzzFeed. “Not one person who knows us in real life has ‘hated.’ Everyone who is ‘hating’ is seeking offense in an obvious joke.”

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