Simon Says: You think 2017 sucked? Here’s the View From the Ugly Side.

2017 sucked!

I’m not the only one thinking this.   Some of you have started websites and message boards that will depress the hell out of you as you look back.

Other than the few people who made money with Bitcoin and the guy who made the movie “Get Out,” who had a good 12 months?

Well, the Russians did.

Racists liked 2017.  I’m sure they relished all the attention.

Hurricanes had a good, strong year.

Computer hackers blew it out of the park! Especially the ones in North Korea. (Nukes also had a good year there, too.)

How about sexual harassers?  I guess it was a good year if you’re one of the few people left who hasn’t gotten fired, shamed and exiled.  If you haven’t been caught yet, don’t make long-term plans.

Florists had a good year. They were very busy in places like Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs.

Football widows had a good year.  Between the anthem thing and talk of concussions, I think more couples talked to each other on Sundays.

You could say Trump had a good year—because he’s STILL president.

You could say Obama had a good year—because he’s NOT president.

You know, looking back at this past year has me thinking about Harvey Dent from the Batman movies.  There’s a lot of ugly on the other side of things.

But as you wrap things up this year, focus on the good side,  like how it was an amazing year in medicine.

You hear about the fast-acting drug for depression they are working on? It could be a "bigger gamechanger than Prozac!"

Hey, you may need it, if 2018 is anything like what we’ve been through the past 12 months!