Pentagon secretly investigated UFO sightings for years

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WASHINGTON D.C. - The truth is out there, and it turns out the Pentagon has been looking for it! Recent reports by the New York Times and Politico show that between 2007 and 2012, the Pentagon engaged in the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program”, investigating numerous UFO sightings, including ones made by the US Air Force.

Well the program has left the man who ran the unit convinced that these sightings are of something completely unknown.

“These aircraft, we’ll call them aircraft, are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any forge in inventory that we are aware of,” Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon Military Intelligence Official, said.

The program was started up by former Nevada senator Harry Reid, and one of its other main proponents was reportedly former Ohio Senator John Glenn… a.k.a the first American to orbit the planet.

The disclosures been vindication for local UFO investigators like Jane Kyle.

“I really just wanted to tell all my family and friends, ‘hey! Look at the headline, I’ve been telling you, I’ve been telling you! Now the New York Times is saying it too,’” Kyle, who runs, said. “But I really was just as surprised as anybody to see that headline especially coming from the New York Times of all places.”

And she says, don’t be surprised if there’s plenty more to come. After all, all these people have to be seeing something, right?

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