Donald Trump’s debut in Hall of Presidents is downright creepy

ORLANDO, FL -- Well folks, Donald Trump is officially in the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World.

"The epic theatrical production was envisioned by Walt Disney himself to honor the country by honoring the presidents of the United States," Disney said in a news release.

President Trump made his robotic debut with all the bells and whistles.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the animatronic Trump "moves his head back and forth" to acknowledge his name being called during the roll call of leaders. Trump also delivers a brief speech that includes remarks he delivered during the presidential oath of office and additional comments about the spirit of the American people.

However, it's not the fancy moves everyone's talking about. It's his face!

Twitter users are having a heyday with the president's mug, saying Disney did "The Donald" dirty with that wax job! Some even pointed out that the bot looks a little more like Jon Voight than Trump!

The most popular theory? Maybe Disney thought someone else was going to win the 2016 election.

There was a lot of controversy with how long it took to unveil the Prez, but turns out, on top of extra renovations to the hall, they were just waiting for Trump to record his dialogue!

The speech is great and all, but we can't get over the fact that this face is just too dang creepy.