Toy Trouble: Mother Nature (aka The Grinch) affecting Toys for Tots donations

DALLAS -- What happens when people get into the giving spirit before the holidays come around?

Well, Toys for Tots ends up losing donations -- that's what!

"These kids are more in need than ever we desperately need every toy we can get a hold of," LCpl Patrick Boyd told NewsFix.

This season the local campaign is suffering and organizers are crowning mother nature as this year's Grinch.

"The hurricanes and all other natural disasters have shown a drop in donations this year," Boyd added. "That means we're more in demand of toys than ever before."

The DFW area's hurricane Harvey efforts have apparently put a damper on our giving spirits.

Just think about it: After donating everything from clothes, money, and food to our friends in the Houston area, people might not have the extra money to give.

But Toys for Tots is not giving up. They plan to increase their efforts to make sure every child in need has a gift under the tree. They're pushing donations for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 who are in the most need for stuff.

So, maybe you can squeeze some extra cash out your pockets or maybe your heart will actually grow three sizes!

Either way Toys for Tots is hoping to make Christmas great again!

The organizations says you can donate up until December 22nd, but are always accepting toys even after the holidays.