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Snowman and baby Jesus stolen from their homes before Christmas

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BOULDER, CO -- Some people's holiday cheer has turned into holiday tears!

A 20-foot frosty in Colorado was minding its own businesses when it went MIA in the middle of the night.

Rudolph and Santa are accounted for, but only a picture proved the snowman once lounged in the yard.

Frosty's owner said, "You don't want to tell kids that someone stole it."

Police were on the lookout for a Scrooge in the streets, and a victim with a red vest, green gloves, and a carrot nose.

"My thought is some kids, well 20-year old kids, have it in their backyard somewhere. So if they blow it up someone's going to see it," Jacobs said.

Not all hope was lost! The giant snowman was returned to his owner a couple days later like nothing had ever happened!

Frosty isn't the only one down for the Christmas count. A vintage baby Jesus was nabbed from a nativity set in Wisconsin.

"It's always been here, it's part of our community," one local woman reminisced.

The scene has been put on display every Christmas for the last 60 years, but this year someone took baby Jesus, cut off his head, and broke off his arm!

"They found his arm but they can't find his head," a local resident said. "We might have to replace the baby, but it's all antique. To have a baby that's newer in an antique nativity, it's going to stick out."

All we can do is keep the holiday spirit alive and hope baby Jesus finds its way home in time for Christmas.

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