Buns of steel star turns tiny home fashion boutique owner giving women confidence

IRVING-- If you have buns of steel, you might recognize Donna Richardson. She's part of the original #FitFam.

Believe it or not, she now travels around the world selling her clothing designs out of a tiny home on wheels. "Oh my god, I spread love, this is the tiny home of fashion." She says while standing in front of the boutique.

On Sunday, she made a stop in front of Via Real Fine Dining Restaurant in Irving. There was a big fashion show, but an even bigger surprise. Valarie Wyatt, a sweet, but shy woman has been living in Garland for a bit. "I`ve been here since Hurricane Katrina."

Donna and her crew surprised her with a makeover, and made her apart of the fashion show. "Before I got here, that`s when my sister told me, and i was going to change my mind and not come." Valerie says while laughing.

Donna says, "She was a Hurricane Katrina victim, came here with nothing, her family had to start over again. She`s had hardship, after hardship. Her mother just died three months ago of brain cancer.

Given the reluctant attitude at first, Valerie was excited once she slid on a fancy black dress.  "It`s hard, because you want to be able to take time for yourself, but I have kids, and I put my kids in front of me."

And look at how good she looks!

Donna says, "We are just going to spread love, and I will help people to have style with a smile." Yeah girl, we will give you a 'how about that!'