Bidding Wars: Diddy, Steph Curry, and Colin Kaepernick want to buy Carolina Panthers!

Ctsy: Twitter/ Diddy

The Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is taking an “L”.

After allegations that he paid women to keep quiet about his sexual misconduct towards them, he’s putting the whole team up for sale!

In a letter, Jerry penned that he’ll officially start taking bids at the end of this NFL season.

So who’s looking to get a piece of the pie?

Well, for starters, Diddy, Steph Curry AND Colin Kaepernick have already put in their unofficial bid.

Diddy was the  first to speak up on social media almost immediately after Jerry’s note.

“I would be the best NFL owner that you could imagine,” he said in an Instagram video.

That inspired Colin and Steph to hop on the band wagon.

But, some folks have doubt in Diddy.

Yeah … the internet is dragging one news anchor for “laughing” at Diddy’s NFL dreams.