People are salty at Uber for jacking up prices for the holidays

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LONDON, ENGLAND -- When Uber said their prices were gonna soar up to the North Pole, they weren't kidding!

The ride share service hit its users with a sucker punch to the wallet when they announced their prices would go sky high for the holidays and we're not talking about a couple bucks here. Getting a ride could cost as much as four times what someone would usually pay.

Uber's excuse? Lots of people need rides around Christmas time!

Turns out, the demand for a ride is really high with all the holiday parties and travel going on, and the prices definitely show it!

The Twitterverse sounded off with their "bah humbugs," some even posting pictures of how much their tab was!

So if you're looking to go out and get trashed on eggnog, maybe just have a good ole' designated driver. You know, so you don't have to empty your bank account for a safe ride home.

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