Out of this world: American astronaut among three headed to ISS

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-It might not be to infinity and beyond but it is a trip to the International Space Station.

Three astronauts representing the U.S, Russia and Japan are on their way there now.

A Soyuz capsule with NASA's Scott Tingle, Anton Shkaplerov and Norishige Kanai launched from the space complex in Kazakhstan on Sunday.

They'll be performing 200 science investigations in fields like biology, earth science, human research and technology development. The trip should take them about four months.

Let's just hope they don't run into any extraterrestrial beings out there!

A report by the New York Times claims the Pentagon has spent tens of millions on UFO research.

It was reportedly pushed by former senate majority leader Harry Reid and started back in 2007.

So why is this so out of this world?  Well the defense department has never acknowledged the existence of the program until now.

No word yet if all those UFO sightings are real but at least we know we're not the only ones looking up.

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