Wisconsin couple’s house decorated with over 20 trees and 3,000 ornaments

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JEFFERSON, WI -- No matter how much you love Christmas, it's hard to think of anyone who loves Christmas quite like this Wisconsin couple!

Kristin Kakuschke & Greg Beck are so jolly for the holidays, they have not one, not two, but over twenty Christmas trees. You may not be able to tell from the outside, but the inside is a total Christmas takeover. More specifically, an ornament extravaganza.

"We have about 27 or 28 trees throughout the house," Kristin said. "We have about 3,000 ornaments out on display."

Kristin's collection started in 1998 and Greg hopped on the toy train a couple years later.

"They started doing things I was interested in like Mickey Mouse and Disney, Star Trek, and Star Wars," Greg said.

Get this: each tree has a theme. Toys, Looney Tunes, etc. Can you guess which one Greg likes the most? Que the Star Wars music.

Greg said, "Being a geek, I like the Star Wars and Star Trek tree." Plus, what's more fitting than the Death Star as the tree topper!

Kristin's favorite is, of course, the Santa tree, which has over 500 Kris Kringle's and can be seen from the street.

It takes7-10 days to set everything up, but Greg says it's the part they love the most, "What makes them special for me is it's something that the two of us can do together."

Nothing says Christmas tradition like having to set up 28 trees and 3,000 ornaments, am I right?

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