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Women allegedly face massive problems working at ESPN

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There's seems to be a massive problem for women at ESPN.

A bombshell report by The Boston Globe, details the hostile environment women that work for the company have to deal with every day.

Former on-air talent Adrienne Lawrence filed a complaint against the company saying they "failed to address its deeply ingrained culture of sexism and hostile treatment of women."

She specifically named John Buccigross as a face and name seen often on the network after several alleged advances and unsolicited texts.

She claims that her on-air shifts were reduced after the complaint.

ESPN claims her complaints were "without merit."

Jenn Sterger and Sara Walsh were also named in The Globe report.

Sterger details a time when attempting to get a job at the company, was taken to an unexpected outing to a strip club where Matthew Berry, also auditioning and now a current Fantasy Analyst, was photographed pointing at Sterger's breasts.

Walsh had a miscarriage, but went on air anyway for fear of repercussions.

ESPN responded to The Globe`s report, claiming it promotes a culture of inclusivity.

"We work hard to maintain a respectful and inclusive culture at ESPN," said ESPN spokeswoman Katina Arnold in a statement. "It is always a work in progress, but we`re proud of the significant progress we`ve made in developing and placing women in key roles at the company in the boardroom, in leadership positions throughout ESPN, and on air."


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