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Sick Mom? Local mother arrested after reportedly taking healthy kid to hospital 323 times, 13 surgeries

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DALLAS -- How many is too many hospital visits? Especially, when you're not even sick?! Well, one local mom found out that answer the hard way. Kaylene Bowen's been locked up after allegedly taking her healthy kid to the hospital 323 times.

But, get this, 8-year old Christopher also had 13 major surgeries, when he didn't even need them!

Back in 2014, NewsFix covered a fundraiser event raising money for Christopher.

"Christopher has trouble breathing so basically, his lungs ― and body ― doesn’t get the oxygen it needs, so he gets tired,” she explained.

So what was the tipping point?

Well, Bowen recently claimed Chris was dying from that same disorder and needed a transplant. She reportedly took the Dad to family court over the situation and was able to convince a judge that Christopher needed the surgery.

After Bowen placed Christopher on an oxygen tank, feeding tube and had him use a wheelchair to get around -- doctors eventually found out the truth. Christopher actually didn't have cancer or any of the "conditions" his mom said he did.

Geesh ... Poor kid.

AND ... poor mommy too!

It's  believed she suffers from a rare case of Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. The disorder in which a person will repeatedly exaggerate medical symptoms to get attention.

Well, now Bowen's got the attention -- not in the hospital-- but behind bars. The 34-year-old is sitting in a cell on a $150,000 dollar bond.

Christopher's  dad is allegedly fighting for full custody.

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