Simon Says: You like Walmart or Target? In Alabama, that’s how people vote!

So, you feeling blue or seeing red after what happened in Alabama?

Having once lived there, I still can’t believe a Democrat is going to the Senate.

That’s also because over 670,000 people believed the allegations of child molestation against Roy Moore.

But remember this: 650,000 people overlooked that and wanted “Moore” with his less-than-stellar baggage.

Despite the ugly accusations and “foot-in-mouth” disease from the Moore campaign, the result was nearly 50/50.

We can say Alabama is nearly an even split of morals, beliefs, priorities right now, and as Alabama goes, don’t you feel so does the rest of the country?

The last few days drove home the feeling I’ve had for years:  there really are two countries in the USA.

It’s more than the people who say “America” versus “Merica.” It’s more than morals, beliefs, and priorities.

It’s like we have two cultures here:

The half that goes to Walmart and the half that goes to Target

The guy who goes to Lowes and guy who goes to Home Depot.

The person who shops at Ross over Marshalls.

You could go on all day: “In-N-Out” over McDonald's? IHOP over Denny’s? CNN over Fox? A pickup truck over an SUV?

You know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, go out and look around and it’ll hit ya’ in a minute.

It really is like we have two very different houseguests living in a country.

That’s why we all just can’t along.

How can we ever see eye-to-eye on major issues, when we have a split personality on what we all just like?

Yeah, I know people who would eat a Big Mac over a “Double Double" from In-N-Out.”

I won’t judge that guy and I’m not going to judge the people in Alabama, where it’s fitting they yell, “Roll Tide,” because everywhere else it feels like we all roll our eyes at each other.