Dallas Love Field officials want birds to get the flock out of the way

DALLAS- Birds have been known to cause problems from time to time, and some of those issues are out at Dallas Love Field airport. They've reported 180 bird strikes this year!

Now, Love Field is looking to install some new technology to make sure the birds don't ruin your future flights.

"Modern jets are built to withstand about a five pound bird," Dallas Love Field communications manager Chris Perry said. "Where the real danger comes in is when a flock of birds gets out on the air field, it can be injected into the engine."

The airport will be using new wildlife detection systems to alert them of animals, foreign objects or people within a five-mile radius of their airspace.

Public enemy number one? Flocks of birds.

"It can cause engine failure," Perry said. "Obviously customer safety is our number one priority here at Love Field, but it has a large financial impact. Back in 2016 we had a Virgin America flight that struck a bird, and it caused about $400,000 worth of damage to one of their engines."

Love Field is also asking for your help to keep them birds of the way. Leave your breadcrumbs in your pocket!

"Don't feed the birds there at Bachman Lake," Perry said. " Obviously if it's a large body of water we're going to see a lot of water fowl there along the lake."

Love Field will be the first airport in the US to use the new detection system to get the flock out of the way.