BFF Goals: George Clooney gifted his close friends $1 mill

LOS ANGELES, CA  -- Have you ever looked at George Clooney and thought: "Wow he seems like a really great guy?"

Well, that's cause he might be.

Example A:

Rande Gerber, the dude married to Cindy Crawford, recently spilled the beans on one of Clooney's secret dinner parties. Back in 2013, George gifted 14 of his closest friends with one million dollars each. The actor also allegedly put it all in $20 bills!

Gerber says before forking over the designer bag full of cash, he thanked his 14 friends, also  known as "The Boys," for their friendships.

Now if we were haters about this situation,  we'd say Gerber, who owns a Tequila company and married to a successful model, probably didn't need the dough.

That's like Oprah gifting her bestie, Gayle King with a stack!

But according to Gerber's million dollar story, some of George's 14 friends were going through hard financial times.

We're not sure if George wanted this good deed to go unsaid or not.

But, the actor is also getting praise for allegedly handing everybody on a recent flight noise-cancelling headphones.

Clooney certainly sounds like a really great guy to us!

So, next time you're shopping for a new friend, you might wanna get a George Clooney!