Will #MeToo movement reveal sexual assault by powerful women in the industry?

These perpetual sexual assault allegations are getting out of hand. It's like every 24 hours, a new person and more victims are revealed. Whether the accused is guilty, innocent, or has lost a job, they all have one obvious thing in common: They're men.

So here are a few questions that come to mind:

  • ¬†Are there any female sexual predators in Hollywood, media, or the political world?
  • If there are, why haven't any victims come forward?
  • Is it not 'likely' for a male victim to talk? (Generally speaking, the accusers would probably be more male than female.)
  • Would they feel less masculine if they did speak up?

In short, there are several answers to these questions.

Male victims may feel less masculine or believe that they can't truly be sexually harassed by a woman. They also may be afraid of being mocked by coworkers.

Let's take Terry Crews for example. Although he alleged that a male agent groped him at a party last year, it still left him feeling emasculated.

Will men start tweeting #MeToo to expose sexual assault by powerful women?