Sunnyvale ISD shuts down after flu outbreak

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SUNNYVALE- Flu season's here, and we're already seeing the germs go to work.

The Sunnyvale ISD shut down operations until Thursday after too many of their students and staff were absent with the flu.

"This is the first time in 11 years that I've had to take this step," superintendent Doug Williams said.

Cleaning crews went to war with any viruses left lurking on campus, to make sure teachers and students will have a fighting chance when they get back.

Even if you got your flu shot, you're not completely safe.

The vaccine has been noted to be less effective this year, so you still need to keep the hand sanitizer on deck.

"Wash your hands if you touch things," said Dr. Alfread Johnson. "Don't be rubbing your face. If people are sick, sneezing and coughing, stay away from them."

If you have small kids, the doc says it may even be a good idea to have them take a shower and change clothes when they get home from school to try and shake some of the germs.

But if you're already sick, stay at home if you can!

"If you are sick and you have to go out, wear a mask," Johnson said. "Protect other people."

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